Production update – May 28, 2024

Sizing, geometry and kinematics have been worked out. Now we shop for fabricators.

We have 5 sizes that perfectly fit riders from 4’10” to 6’8″. We can fit shorter riders with slight compromises.

SizeRider height cmRider height inches

Suspension will be a Horst link (a la Specialized, Transition and others) tuned to feel neutral in all situations. The bike will track extremely well on rough climbs and feel like a magic carpet going down.

Water bottle! Mistress bikes fit water bottles. I know, it crazy!! We’re using a straight seat tube for maximum dropper clearance. A linkage gives us control of how the shock performs.

The first model will be a trail bike (name TBD) in two travel configurations:

  1. 160mm front / 145mm rear (a bit less for the smallest sizes)
  2. 180mm front / 160mm rear (a bit less for the smallest sizes)

Wheel sizes are 29 inches in sizes M3 and up. Sizes M1 and M2 get 27.5 wheels, along with slightly less suspension. Fit is so important it trumps wheels and travel.

Another cool thing about this bike

This is the only mountain bike ever designed by a true expert in riding technique and dynamic mountain bike fit (me) and a real-deal chassis engineer (Luis Arraiz from Arraiz Engineering). Luis designed the current GT and Cannondale bike, which are very highly rated. The result will truly fit you perfectly, while it performs at the highest possible level.



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